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IMO HTW7 sub-committee report

ICOMIA release a report from the IMO's HTW 7 sub-committee

The IMO held its 7th session of the Sub-Committee on Human Element Training and Watchkeeping (HTW) virtually between the 15th and 19th of February 2021. An ICOMIA representative attends these meetings and has now released a report highlighting the key points that affect our members, in particularly in the Superyacht industry. This report and its supporting documents is available to British Marine members to download here 

The main points of interest to the Superyacht industry are:

  • Validation of model training courses postponed to HTW 8
  • Guidelines for the impact of the pandemic on seafarer certification and training to be developed
  • Electronic crew certification work ongoing.

Full details on the above topics and the supporting documents can be found in the downloadable report. Please note the supporting documents are embedded into the bottom of the report and you will need to enable editing before you can access them. 

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