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Webinar with HMRC on the sale of red diesel - 27th July 2023

HMRC’s Policy Lead for Oils, Steve Clarke, together with their Senior Policy Adviser, James Brannan, joined British Marine’s Public Affairs Team to talk through the obligations marinas have when selling red diesel and the importance of complying with Excise Notice 192. This includes taking reasonable steps to ensure customers are allowed to use the rebated fuel.  Whilst marinas who sell red diesel cannot be held liable if a customer submits a false declaration, HMRC would encourage those British Marine members who are RDCOs to make sure their staff and customers are aware of the law and, if fraud is suspected, to report that to HMRC’s Fraud Hotline 0800 788 887.

During the discussion HMRC officials stressed they are keen to support RDCOs in meeting their responsibilities. Therefore, if members have further concerns they should contact HMRC at

Members can view the full 15-minute presentation here.

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