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Watersports Participation Survey 2022

The Watersports Participation Survey monitors trends in access to and participation in boating and watersports in the UK. The current survey covers the period from October 2021 to September 2022, a full year in which the UK was starting to live with the pandemic and restrictions were largely removed. 

This report provides the reader with trends relating to participation in boating and watersports in the UK across a wide range of  activity types, including different sailing, powerboating, paddle sport and surfing activities. Data on the volume of participants taking part in these activities is broken down by the frequency of their participation and where, when and how these activities took place. This data is also broken down by participant demographics, level of experience and other factors that affect the way in which UK residents participate in watersports.

The report also provides information on peoples' motivations for participating (or not participating), any issues with access to the water, methods of participating in watersports (e.g. craft rental v private craft), trends in boat and watersports craft ownership, as well as attitudes to safety when in, on or around the water.

To access the full report click on the image below: 

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