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The Recreational Sectoral Group (RSG) have published the new 2021 Guidelines.

The Recreational Sectoral Group (RSG) have published the new 2021 Guidelines for the general application of the conformity assessment procedures by Notified Bodies and Manufacturers. The aim is to prepare and assist with the conformity assessment procedures undertaken by Notified Bodies for recreational craft, personal watercraft, their components and their engines, in accordance with the Recreational Craft Directive 2013/53/EU. Due to the variety of watercraft, the RSG has considered the applicability of various parts of harmonised standards. Where suitable standards are not available, the RSG has established uniform guidelines to assist with demonstrating conformity with the Essential Requirements of the Directive. Although the RSG Guidelines are written for the RCD, because of the alignment, the RSG Guidelines can also be used with the RCR as well, for the moment.

British Marine recommends all members to take the time to read through the new 2021 RSG Guidelines that have just been published for the RCD, so that members know what the new necessary requirements are for conformity assessment procedures.

British Marine member can download the new guidelines.

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