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New ICOMIA IMO report from the latest Ship Design and Construction session now available

IMO SDC 10 report
IMO SDC 10 report

A new IMO report is available following the 10th session of the Sub-Committee on Ship Design and Construction, held from the 22nd to 26th January 2024.

The main items of interest from this meeting were the following:

  • Guidance on safety measures for commercial yachts (300-500GT) operating in polar waters is back on the agenda and ICOMIA will maintain a close watch on any submissions on this subject so that appropriate action can be taken if required
  • Review of guidelines on the use of FRP in ship structures underway and future work will address concerns raised during SDC 9. regarding recycling and fire safety
  • New amendments to the existing guidelines on underwater radiated noise from shipping have been agreed. Given the more recent link of URN with vessel efficiency, there is a concern that these could change in the future from being non-mandatory guidance to more formal regulations

The full report can be downloaded here

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