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Covid-19 - Apprenticeship Programme Feedback Request

The Government has laid out guidance for employers, apprentices and providers of apprenticeship training and assessment. This guidance can be found here.

British Marine has been working with the Maritime Skills Alliance to keep training providers and members updated on how best to continue with apprenticeship training and ensure that learning can continue, even if the apprentice has been furloughed.   
British Marine has asked for Apprenticeship Frameworks that were due to be turned off in July, to be extended by 12 months, as current development of new standards will be delayed.

British Marine has also requested that all expiring Levy funds are to be kept alive for a further six months. The Training Department at British Marine and would like to be made aware of any potential apprenticeship redundancies. This information will be fed back into the system and British Marine will look at ways where apprenticeship redundancies can be avoided.

Please email with feedback.  

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