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Once you have signed up, tell the world you are a member.

By letting people know you are part of the marine tourism sector you’ll align yourself with the themes of the Strategy and open doors to opportunities.                                                                                                                                


You’re part of a team of giants now it’s time for some team work.

Going a step further and collaborating or setting up partnerships with other members could help you; unlock economies of scale, build efficiencies, innovate, attract funding and generate more awareness of what you are offering.     


You have heard the saying you’ll get as much out of it as you put in? Well this is no different.

Actively engage in conversations, identify key influencers and build up a relationship with them – whether it's influential bloggers or members of parliament you can participate and champion our sector.


Let’s shout about our successes and keep the spotlight on us.

Track your activity to allow us to celebrate success. Do this by identifying the themes in the strategy you are aligned with and set clear objectives to work towards. When you or our sector reaches a key milestone we’ll tell the world!


To secure more support and investment we need to demonstrate the size, reach and impact of our sector.
To be able to do that we need to gather and showcase the breadth and depth of all that we achieve, big and small, in the diverse areas that make this sector so unique. We have come up with a simple process to allow us to gather this information for reporting and celebrating our achievements and milestones in an annual cycle. Read more on how we'll track and celebrate success 

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