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What is in it for you and the sector?

Joining a team is a commitment, but like other teams you will get a lot out of the experience and help the team itself succeed.

We are building our team to unlock the Collective Impact of organisations, businesses and clubs who want – and will benefit from - Scotland becoming a world leader in sustainable marine tourism. No one organisation can possibly achieve this vision on their own. But as a team, and by aligning our efforts and activities around a common set of objectives we can.

By doing this we will support the development and growth of profitable and sustainable businesses, improve our waters, meet and exceed our customers and members expectations, and do all of this in a way that makes our communities healthier and more engaged and contribute to Scotland`s economic growth.

The first step towards that is to become part of the team. By doing this you will:

  • Join a group of peers with common interests and a shared desire to see the sector flourish.
  • Engage more closely with members of the Scottish Parliament through the Cross-Party Group.
  • Illustrate to potential investors and supporters how you are contributing to national activities and the NPF.

Going a step further and forming a partnership with other members of this team will help you:

  • to scale an idea and access greater levels of support,
  • to link your activity across boundaries,
  • to unlock economies of scale and reach new support
  • to increase the reach of your communication
  • to drive a greater return on your investment


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