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You already operate in the Marine Tourism Sector, now we are looking to build a team of active members to unlock the collective impact of organisations, businesses and clubs to ensure Scotland becomes a world leader in sustainable marine tourism.

We understand across our sector different organisations, clubs and training sectors depending on what they do and their size will have varying levels of resources to invest and goals for being involved, therefore we have created two new levels of membership to give everyone the opportunity to become more actively involved.

Our vision cannot be delivered by any one person or organisation, to make Scotland a world leader in sustainable marine tourism we all must join together and work as a team to achieve our shared goal. The Marine Tourism Strategy was written with this in mind and now we need you to take the next step and to join our team of giants.

How do you do that? It’s easy and open to everyone from sailing clubs to canal-side restaurants to activity providers on the banks of our lochs, anyone with links to marine tourism can join.


Step Up - Decide if you are signing up to become a partner or a supporter. If you are planning on becoming a supporter keep following these steps. If you are ready to become a Partner and create your own objectives click here for more information.                          

Sign Up - to become a member of our team, register, your certificate will be sent out, sign it and display it with pride on your website, social media or hang it up in your building. When you register we’ll also ask you to set some goals to help us with our reporting at the end of the year.

Reach-out - to other members, by sharing ideas, resources and experiences we can increase our sectors influence and have a greater impact.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Shout out - get talking about all the things that make our sector great, from world class experiences, to climate saving initiatives to community empowerment and economic growth we have plenty of good news to share.                                                                                              


Ready to take the first step: find out what's involved 


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