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Strategy into action: overview

Strategy into action: overview

Giant Strides was developed to be a strategy that drives action and not to become a weighty tome that attracts dust on a shelf. We will achieve results through unlocking Collective Impact[1].

 To make this possible we have two asks of you:

  • Become a partner and be part of the team making Scotland a world leader in 21st century sustainable marine tourism. 
  • Form or join a partnership with like-minded partners to make an even bigger difference to our communities, environment, our businesses and economy.

By becoming a partner you help to align the whole sector. This process of alignment allows us to highlight the aggregated impact of the numerous actions taken by partners across the whole of Scotland. This in turn increases our sector’s influence. By forming a new partnership, you help to unlock greater impact, scale, and efficiency.

Open to everyone. Becoming a partner is open to any organisation, club, business, agency or local authority that wants to help Scotland, nationally or regionally become a world leader in 21st century sustainable marine tourism.

Becoming a partner is easy. Simply identify how you are contributing to the themes and objectives of the strategy and make a commitment. Your commitment captures the contribution you think you can make over the next year (s). You will find a copy of the commitment later in this pack. After that we ask you to join in, to publish and share you ambitions and the difference you are making.



All about action. Becoming a partner is a commitment to taking action and making things happen.


[1] Collective Impact is what happens when very large numbers of organisations across all aspects of society align and successfully focus their efforts on addressing a societal challenge. The term was coined by Stanford in their Social Innovation Review as they captured a flexible framework that aligns and supports groups to achieve significant impact.

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