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tracking and reporting

The information you share about your plans and commitments are the foundation stones of this plan. When this is collated with the input from all the other partners it gives the plan power and influence.

The more specific you can be, the easier it is to evaluate the impact of this strategy and demonstrate the sector’s innovation and commitment to Scotland being a world leader in 21st century sustainable marine tourism. Critical to evaluating our success is how we showcase the breadth and depth of all that we achieve, big and small, in the diverse areas that make this sector so unique.

It helps us to demonstrate to potential funders and to Politicians of all parties the size and reach of our sector. It also makes our sector a more appealing investment; being tightly aligned, offering the probability of a better return on investment, and having data gathering processes in place.

The process to gather and promote this information is based on a simple annual cycle. Declare your intentions through your commitment at the beginning of the year, share updates verbally through the CPG through the year and then report what you achieved at the end of the year.

The aggregation of commitments is published at the end of each year as the Giant Strides Annual Partnership Plan. At the same time, the Giant Strides Annual Report for the prior year will also be published. This process is captured below:



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