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The CPG on Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism meets to discuss the merits and opportunities in taking forward the strategy for the nationally growing market of Marine Tourism in Scotland. 

For more details about the Cross-Party Group and its role in supporting and promoting Scottish marine tourism, including details of forthcoming and past meetings click here

The Cross-Party Group for Recreational Boating and Marine Tourism is key to the operation of the Partnership Plan and process.  The CPG provides the public forum for commitments to be made, for reporting to take place, for peers to hold one another accountable, for help to be secured, and to celebrate successes.

The diagram opposite illustrates the role the CPG plays and the relationship between partner's work plans, Giant Strides, and the National Tourism Strategy and leadership.

The Cross-Party Group meets 4 times a year. The meetings are usually held once a quarter and are a mix of video conference and in person. Full-day symposiums are run from time to time too. These forums offer a platform to showcase activity and to get a broader group together to explore challenges and opportunities. These will be hosted at the Scottish Parliament and will often be followed by a reception.

















Cross-Party Group Officers

Cross-Party Group Members 


Membership is available to any interested individual or organisation, please get in touch with the secretary.



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