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Our waters: clean and blue

This theme is all about the special place that characterises marine tourism experiences; our seas, waterways and our coastline. It is also about the remarkable wildlife that brings these experiences to life. Including the charismatic flagship species like whales and dolphins and the ecosystems upon which they depend.

This theme also captures the work necessary to allow us to continue to promote Scotland as an ethical, ‘clean seas’ tourism destination. That will likely include work to encourage behavioural change and understanding (like The Green Blue)16 to radically reduce single-use plastics, initiatives which minimise wildlife disturbance and address litter as well as the promotion of citizen science.

This is also the theme where we benchmark our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and challenge our sector to become a GHG Net-zero element of the Scottish economy and agree the plan that brings that ambition to life.
This theme also covers infrastructure. Piers, pontoons, locks, harbours and mooring buoys are all part of the place we operate in and interact with our waters. They must be maintained and developed sensitively to not only meet the needs of customers and visitors but to also maximise their benefits to communities and to the environment.

Our waters: clean and blue

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