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Giant Strides: a strategy fit for 21st Century Tourism

This vision challenges our entire sector to evolve and be the first - and one of the best - at providing a 21st century marine tourism experience.

The mission is more explicit; pushing our sector to refresh and evolve in order to meet customer, workforce, community and environmental needs. In so doing the sector can unlock long term, sustainable and inclusive growth and drive an economic contribution that exceeds £500 million a year.The strategic themes are intended to closely align with the strategic priorities of the national strategy. This alignment will help to maintain and build coordination, demonstrate the contribution of marine tourism to the broader sector and improve the relationship between this strategy and other sector/destination approaches to development. The themes have been tuned to more accurately reflect the challenges and opportunities of the marine tourism sector and to highlight the specific and watery nature of our “place” of activity.

These themes are intended to be pursued concurrently and are of equal importance. This is essential for a sustainable outcome to be achieved. No one area should lag, nor should any area leap ahead at the expense of one of the other themes. Each theme is supported by a series of objectives – laid out below – that provide focus for activities driven by partners, 
businesses and community groups across the whole sector. This process will be supported by a Partnership Plan published before the end of 2020 and revised annually. 

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